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This is the part where I try to shamelessly talk about myself. Even if it makes me sound EXTREMELY conceded.

Hi, my name is

Romain Braun

After graduating a 2 years technical degree in Communication Networks and Services in France and getting the highest mark for the final degree project, I started studying for a Bachelors Degree at the french multimedia engineer school, IMAC. I am currently in fourth year.

I started developing websites when I was 12. Starting with WYSIWYG editors, I quickly found out I couldn’t do anything I wanted if I didn’t learn html. From this point I always loved learning new programming languages. I learned about html, css, then PHP and javascript. I also learned actionscript development, because at the time it wasn’t suppose to disappear. Recently I decided to learn more about software development, such as Java, C,C++, and since I own a Macintosh, Objective-c.


I always had great work experiences, throughout my different internships. I’m a very independant person and I learn fast. Therefore I know how to fit the job I’m given.

You can download my resume if you wish.


Front-end Web Development

I have a good knowledge of HTML5/CSS3/JS development. I am willing to improve my skills in HTML5 since i’ve been developing Flash applications for a while and it may disappear. I’m really curious about the power of HTML5.

PHP Development

I have a strong knowledge of PHP development. I’ve made a few browser games in object oriented PHP, sometimes using the framework CodeIgniter that I really love.

Web Design

Although this is not my main activity, I have some good skills in web design. I use Photoshop to design the websites or applications I have to develop.

Flash AS3 and AIR Development

I have a strong knowledge of object oriented ActionScript 3 development. I’ve made several games in flash, sometimes using a Physics engine. I also worked as a Flash Developer on large scale projects for a few big companies.

Software Development

I have a basic knowledge of C++ development, and I’m currently following Stanford courses to learn Objective-C.

Motion Design

I’m really interested into motion design. I consider this activity as a hobby but throughout the time I’ve earned good skills in After Effect and 3DSmax/blender.


This is a selection of some of my recent work


Obviously this is where you can contact me.

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